I work as Sr. User Experience Researcher at Elsevier, supporting Reaxys, helping chemists to find relevant information. Until 2020, I was assistant professor for human-computer interaction (HCI) at the UCDS group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) in the Netherlands. Before, I worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Future Everyday Group at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2018, I received a Ph.D. under the supervision of Albrecht Schmidt from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. As Ph.D. candidate, I worked as researcher at the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems at the University of Stuttgart.

I am interested in enhancing information communication through interactive technology and focused during my academic career on the interaction with large high-resolution displays (LHRDs). I conduct most academic research projects by building working prototypes. Besides research, I am passionate about teaching HCI and UX methods.